100 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas: Send a Care Package

This blog and RAOK initiative was inspired by our desire to make the world a more beautiful, kind and loving place, to make each day feel a little happier and to give others inspirations and ideas for Random Acts of Kindness.  Which is why we just loved this particular RAOK idea.

We tell each of our customers that the BE RAOK does not require a lot of effort or purchases, but this month’s participant in Belen Echandia’s RAOK, Teena decided to send a care package.  She put her heart and soul into her RAOK and spent lots of time selecting simple local items that are dear to her own heart to send to a friend who hasn’t been well recently: a book by a local native American historian; fry bread, which is a simple joyful staple among the Dakota and a rock, which is a piece of quartz that she informed us “was probably deposited here by a glacier that slid through long ago”!

One of our other customers suggested the rock, which makes it even more special for us because we love to think that this Belen Echandia RAOK touched more than just the recipient.

Teena says “It was fun doing a little something special for this person, since she’s been a huge encouragement to me lately!

Thank you so much for the assistance in putting her gift together!  xo,  Teena”

Thank you Teena for adding sending a care package to our list of 50 inspirational RAOK ideas.

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